Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pinger Messages

You have a cell phone, plenty of minutes, but your best friend doesn't ... what do you do?

You would rather send a voice message to a distribution list than a lengthy email. Besides, you can communicate more with emotion and articulation than through words alone ... what do you do?

Thanks to Robin Good and his weekly Sharewood Picnic #68, I have found a great solution. The service is called Pinger. Here is how it works -

Create a free account
(you must have a cell phone number that can accept a confirmation text message)

Add your contacts
(it is a good idea to do this manually, listing their first and last names and their email address)

Call the nearest number
(this number is assigned to you based on your location)

Speak the name of the contact
(both first and last name are required, as they entered in your contact list)

Record your message after beep
(when done recording, you can press 1 to send, 2 to play, or 3 to re-record)

After you hit send, the email with the audio (voice) message is sent to and you are finished.

One special feature is that you can also create a distribution list from your contact list. For example, I report to two individuals at work - I have both of them saved as a distribution list. So, what I say to one the other will also hear.




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